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Dear Sir:

Since the first inauguration of Barack Obama, members of the party of which you are the nominal head have made statements which have become increasingly odd and outside the mainstream of American thought and tradition.

A sitting congressman shouted, "You lie!" on the House floor during a State of the Union address. Sitting members of congress and state legislators, as well as presidential candidates of your party, have spent years promulgating a bizarre theory that the president was born in Kenya. The state GOP in Wisconsin has voted "yes" to a platform plank in favor of secession. Last year, 44% of people identifying as Republicans said they might approve of violent revolution against the elected government of the US. This January, a congressional candidate of your party called for the execution of the president of the United States.

I won't attempt to to make a comprehensive list of these events. To do so would exhaust me and any readers.

What strikes me is that, throughout all these events, and others even more, shall we say, unusual, you have said nothing. You, as leader of the Republican Party, have condemned not one statement of anyone in your party. No action, no matter how unhinged, unpatriotic or even, by any definition, treasonous, has merited your condemnation. Nothing is, apparently, beyond the pale.

Which leads directly to my question, which I ask in all seriousness:

Is there anything a Republican could say or do which would make you, in your official capacity, say, "Enough--this is not what Republicans are?"

This is a real question. You and others in your party say you want to be seen as something other than "the crazy party," "the party of stupid."

But you, as head of that party, have never once defined the limits of acceptable discourse. By your own silence, you appear to condone any and every kind of opposition, even calls to murder.

So, again, I ask, is there anything so egregious, so vile, so treasonous, that you would stand up and say, "No, this is not us?"

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